Friday, February 13, 2015

Human SexualityUnit and SAGE Writing Test

Health:  Human Sexuality Unit

We are starting our Human Sexuality unit in health class.  :)  Parents, PLEASE talk to your students about what we talk about in class.  It is so crucial they have an open relationship with you about this particular topic!  The curriculum is abstinence based. Our schedule is as follows:

Friday, February 13th:  Pam Stenzel "Time to Wait for Sex" video
Tuesday, February 17th-Thursday February 19th: WAIT (abstinence) Training with Jayci Chino (from the Crisis Pregnancy Care Center)
   This training will cover what the world and media says about sex, what the people who love and care about students say about sex, sexually transmitted infections, marriage, importance of being okay with yourself.
Friday, February 20th: Male and Female reproductive systems. 

If there are any questions or concerns about this particular unit, please come talk to me!

Language Arts: SAGE Testing

It is that time of year (already!) that we are beginning the writing section of the end of level SAGE test.  Please make sure your students are well rested and fed next week as we begin this testing process.  I am proud of their hard work in preparation for this big test. :)

5th hour: tests Tuesday, February 17th and Wednesday, February 18th
6th hour: tests Thursday, February 19th and Friday, February 19th 

These tests are administered in 2 hour blocks. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nutrition and Research Papers

Here is an update on what we are doing in Health class (below you will find the update for Language Arts):

  We just completed a diet analysis where students looked at everything they ate in a given day and identified areas of needed improvement in their diets.  We are currently watching parts of a food documentary called, "Hungry For Change."  The video can be found on Netflix.  It talks about what is in our food and what foods our bodies need to maintain optimal health.  We will be analyzing food labels this week and the next big project will be a "School Lunch Redesign" for the final project in our nutrition unit.

**We will be starting our Human Sexuality Unit the second week in February, so if you are concerned or have questions with the content, please contact me!!

Language Arts:
  We have just finished TWO big writing assignments.  The first big writing assignment was a research paper (that was done in MLA format) based on the debates done in December.  This paper has been graded and handed back to each student.  This was our first big writing assignment for the trimester and we (Mrs. Fife and I) don't expect all kids to be at a level four (highly proficient).  Based on the feedback we gained from grading these papers, we are now working on CITING specific EVIDENCE within the body of the paper.  Students started revision today (January 27th) and will finish tomorrow.  There is no limit on how many submissions a student can have to fix this research paper.  The first score for this paper is updated on their grade.
The second writing assignment was based on the following question: "Can Money Buy Happiness?"  This essay was written in class and submitted on Utah Compose.  

Reminder for students:  FORMAT FOR ARGUMENT WRITING
I-Introduction (claim and 3 reasons)
CC- Counterclaim (3 reasons with cited evidence--refute statement)
R1-Reason 1 (with 3 cited evidences)
R2-Reason 2 (with 3 cited evidences)
R3-Reason 3 (with 3 cited evidences)
C-Conclusion (wrap it up and acknowledge the counter--refute it!)

We are starting ARGUMENT WRITING BOOT CAMP with the next writing prompt.  We want all students to reach the level of a "sergeant" (or level 3=proficient).  Details to come!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Welcome 2nd Trimester

Welcome to all of my 2nd trimester students!
Here is an update on what we are currently doing:

Health:  We are researching mental disorders and disabilities and the students will be creating presentations in groups on a mental disorder/disability of their choice.  We are also going to be watching the movie "Radio" starting on Wednesday.
      **Disclaimer--if I do not have your student's permission slip (course disclosure) signed, they will not be allowed to watch "Radio."

Language Arts:  Students are researching and forming debates for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.
    **Students need to be in best dress the day their group is debating.
Debate Schedule:
5th Hour
Tuesday- Tribes 3 and 6--Should All Guns be Banned or Regulated?
Wednesday--Tribes 1 and 5--Year Round School
Thursday--Tribes 2 and 4--Legalizing Marijuana

6th Hour
Tuesday-Tribes 1 and 5--Should Professional Athlete's Pay Be More than Service Workers?
Wednesday-Tribes 3 and 4--Driver's Licenses Should Be Issued at 15
Thursday--Tribes 2 and 4--Improved Soldier/Military Pay and Compensation

Tuesday, October 14, 2014



ATTENTION ALL 9TH GRADERS:  This Parts of Speech poem is to be memorized and passed off on WEDNESDAY the 14th of October!!  Be sure to study, study, study!!

Parts of Speech Poem

A noun is a name word
Like girl, street, or swing.
A noun names a person, place, or thing.

Pronouns are used in place of a noun
I, you, its, us, them are some to be found.

A verb shows an action
Like walk, run, eat, swim;
Verbs can be helpers
Like am, was, has been

Adverbs can modify
Adjectives, other adverbs, or verbs.
Most adverbs end in l-y,
Like one who loudly disturbs

Prepositions are not found alone,
But with nouns or pronouns
Like to town or with Joan

Adjectives describe nouns,
They’re words like big, strong, and tall.
If we didn’t use adjectives
We’d know nothing at all.

Conjunctions are connectors like
Neither so either, not only, and nor
But, also, whether, both, for, yet, or.

Interjections show strong feelings
Like Hoorah! And Hooray!
The eight parts of speech I know all the way!

Author unknown

Monday, September 22, 2014


We are with the counselors this week in health class.  We are working on career and college readiness and trying to help students figure out their four year plans.  It would be fabulous if a parent could come with them on Thursday and/or Friday to help decide on classes they should take in high school.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Narrative Writing Assignment

Here is the rubric with the criteria for the narrative writing assignment due on Friday 9/12.  Remember to highlight each element of the plot line (exposition, inciting incident, rising action, etc.) on your rough draft before we peer edit. 

W 9.3 Rubric Narrative

Staple this rubric to your essay                    Name_____________________________

                                                                        Due Date_________  Period__________
Pick a topic from below or choose one of your own.                                            
·         an embarrassing experience
·         an encounter with someone or something you were afraid of
·         an occasion when you experienced rejection
·         the breakup of a friendship or your most embarrassing moment
·         Something really awesome that happened over the summer

Check each box as you complete the requirements. essay must have:                                                                                  Points you earned

Is the point of view consistent in your essay?  
5 pts.

Exposition:  Setting, character, tone, and leads to conflict
5 pts.

Inciting Incident:  problem, conflict
5 pts.

Climax:  Turning point of the story – problem solved
5 pts.

Falling Action: Steps leading to resolution, minor conflicts
5 pts.

Resolution:  End of story.  May have a moral at the end.
5 pts.

200 words
5 pts.

Title, name, period, date 
Check to see if you used capitals and periods.
5 pts.

Elements of Characterization—SHOW not tell
5 pts.

Possible points 45 points (Assessment Category-75% of your grade)                      Points earned     _________ 

Teacher comments:

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summertime Study Sheet


Here is a copy of the Summertime Study Sheet we will be testing on the first week of school.